Whether it is swimming in our rivers, protecting our typical landscapes or preserving the democratic principles of the resource management act, COES is there  as an advocacy group for our environment.

Our primary aims are:

The protection and preservation of the natural landscape and character of Central Otago. This covers many values including landscape, amenity, aesthetic and Central Otago’s endemic flora and fauna.

Raising awareness of issues concerning the natural landscape, heritage and resources of Central Otago with the wider public.

To encourage and support the Government, the Central Otago District Council, the Otago Regional Council, the Department of Conservation and other statutory authorities as appropriate, to establish policies and make decisions which will preserve and enhance the special character of Central Otago’s landscapes, heritage and resources for the benefits of future generations.

You can help too !

If you want to leave a healthy environment to our descendants and are interested in safeguarding the future and freedom of our surroundings then support COES.

You can do this through either becoming a member of COES or by making a donation or both (we are a registered charity).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss a specific matter.

COES will only ever be as good and active as its members, become part of something worthwhile for Central Otago.

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